Our Partners

Alliance for Excellence

Excellence within Clinical Development, Medical Affairs and Marketing is the goal driving all our efforts on a daily basis.

We do not know the answers to all the questions, we are not able to perform everything you might need by our own, but we know where the answers to your questions can be found and we have a created a strong team, which will be able to find solutions for any challenge you might be facing.

We are here to support you, and we are very good in how we do that, and therefore we are uncompromised in how we do that!

Marketing Consultancy

i3 Consult is an information-based consulting, integration and IT outsourcing service entity committed to providing premium strategic marketing, financial and operational management solutions for healthcare, pharmaceutical and other life science organisations.

These are some of the services i3 Consult offer;

  • Strategic Marketing Services
  • Customized Surveys & Specialty Reports, e.g. eHealth, Healthcare Brands, Regulatory Developments
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Financial Management Services
  • R & D Manufacturing Consultancy

Check out the services video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLtgjemp_88&t=25s  and visit the website www.i3Consult.com for more details.

CRO Consortium


A group of handpicked CROs allows to take advantage of geographical or indication-related specialization, without the disadvantages of big full-service CROs.

Both, small and large studies, can be performed with the highest possible level of flexibility, within the shortest time frame, at the most competitive costs, but without compromising on data quality.

Specific Service Providers

geralt / Pixabay

Additional Services are provided by highly specialist groups, which we are using on an ad-hoc basis as requested for the solution of specific challenges.