How we work

How we work

Classically, Clinical Development and Medical Affairs are seen as a stepwise approach towards reaching the “Holy Grail” of drug blockbuster status.

However, the specific pharmacological and clinical benefits of a drug, which should be highlighted within the marketing strategy and also the medical strategy should start much earlier than at the time of launch activities. Those should be developed in parallel to the clinical development, ensuring, that clinical development is able to provide not only the data required for approval of the drug, but also the data required for a successful Medical Affairs and Marketing development.

 We are a small, yet dynamic, growing organization committed to the success of its clients. identifying the client’s needs and proposing an individually tailored solution.

 We are working  based on a unique synergistic model in which Medical and Marketing strategies are co-developed together hand in hand.

The Execution: From Drug Discovery to Brand Ownership

We go beyond the full service CRO service model not only on quality but also along both the dimensions of R&D and championing the brand of your newly licensed medicine or device. Our primary service strategy is to become your “one-stop shop” from pre-clinical discovery, execution of a cost-effective quality service during all stages of the clinical trial, all the way through to post-launch marketing management stages in order to reap maximum ROI on your product investment. 

The Concept: As smart as it looks

Transforming the developed strategies into operational reality is a combination of complex tasks, which requires many different functions and expertise. They need however to be fine tuned and in perfect harmony to ensure that everything works seamless. This work is like the complexity of ancient clockwork, of which nothing appears outside than the rhythmic ticking.

The classical approach would require the use of a full service CRO with a complex structure, and high costs.

 In contrast, our concept is comparable to that of a pearl necklace, with pieces added individually, saving costs without loosing on quality. The result will be a finely crafted bespoke service portfolio, which will have the elements and length required by the project without the need to pay indirectly for the available services not used.

Thus, our model earns in flexibility, without losing quality, providing the same services at a lower cost with respect to the mainstream full service CROs.

At the same time, due to the geographical specialization of each partner and the extremely close relationship to their study sites, we are able to provide the best study sites in each country with the shortest recruitment period possible, even under completive environments with other clinical trials.

Medical Guidance: any time

Clinical studies require a strong medical guidance. Unlike the classical approach of a CRO, with our operational structure, the project manager reports to the medical lead, i.e. the study director, who will take the final responsibility for the medical-scientific validity of the operational execution of success critical medical-marketing planning.

Contractual aspects

For the execution of the medical-marketing strategies, our clients will not need to take care about multiple contracts with several entities.

You will always have only one primary contact person, which will be the only contractual party for the conduct of clinical trials. All other sub-contractual relationships will be covered internally.


A trial can be conducted efficiently and effectively only through a fine-tuned and effective communication concourse. Due to our close relationships and state-of-the-art technology modalities, our communication is well structured and effective, tailored to your needs.