Hope is not a strategy …

There is always a better and more cost effective way of doing things. One just needs to take time in finding out how this is possible! Sometimes it takes the expertise of a third party to identify the blind spot or to map out the way through a myriad of threats or opportunities. That’s what we seek to do, in collaboration with internal experts alongside the more than 20 years of experience that I have behind me from the perspectives of pharma, biotech and the CRO environment, at global, regional and local level, covering all stages of clinical development and medical affairs. It is indeed imperative that we deliver a premium solution for our clients! Due to a cherry pick of strategic partnerships, as a team together, we are able to provide a unique service, which allows to develop medical-marketing strategies right from the earliest stages of clinical development. This includes also the preparation of a cost effective strategy embracing socio-economic and regulatory constraints in a highly competitive market.

In addition to the strategical services through a consortium of CROs we are able to execute the planning at competitive costs without compromising on quality or time needed.



Our Mission

We are a small and efficient structure ensuring with flexibility and an innovative model to identify the client’s needs and to propose an individually tailored solution at the lowest possible costs.

Our Offer

  1. Strategic guidance and planning in Clinical Development, Medical Affairs and Marketing
  2. Operational tasks within Clinical Development and Medical Affairs
  3. Corporate Development and Repositioning

About Manolo Beelke